Méthamis village: wooden entrance door

Walking tour of Méthamis, village in Provence France

Méthamis is a perched village. The village can be visited within an hour. It holds a number of unique sites and breathtaking viewpoints on the surrounding countryside. Its atmosphere is nice and quite, and invites you to simply enjoy being there. You might even be tempted to just sit on one of the numerous benches and look at the ever changing beauty surrounding you.

Note: a map in pdf format is available here.

Primary school

Méthamis: primary school

The first site that you’ll come accross is the building of a typical old school that has been well preserved. It’s still operating to this day.

City Hall

Méthamis: city hall
Méthamis: city hall

Following the map, the second interesting to look at is the city hall.

Fountain & wash house

Méthamis: fountain and wash house

Right accross the street from the city hall, you’ll find the main fountain and its wash house.


Méthamis: cross
Méthamis: cross

If you keep going on the same side of the street, you’ll notice a tall cross on the right hand side (and an amazing view on the surrounding countryside past it)

Wingless windmill

Méthamis: wingless windmill
Méthamis: wingless windmill

If you keep going up hill (Méthamis is a perched village), on the left hand side of this main street, you’ll come accross a small building: it used to be a windmill. It was built there (17th century) because it was the perfect place to use wind power: Mistral (northern wind), Tramontane (eastern wind) and sea wind (South) would power it. It was used to grind cereals into flour. It ceased being used by the end of the 18th century.

Small park

Méthamis: park
Méthamis: small park

You can access this small park from the main street (“Badaires street”) Few stairs lead down to it. It’s a nice place to have a short break (3 benches) and enjoy a great view on the valley below.

Rampart & gate

Méthamis: rampart and gate

You know you’ve reached the top part of the village when you see this high stone wall: those remains of an old rampart (and gate) are all that’s left. There used to be a castle here but there’s nothing left of it.

Saint Pierre & Saint Paul church

Méthamis: church

Méthamis’ church was built during the 13th century. It looks very well preserved. From this highest point of the village, you’ll be able to enjoy a breath taking perspective on the village itself, but also on the hills surrounding it.

Oratory of Our Lady of Grace

Méthamis: oratory
Méthamis: oratory

There are two oratories at Méthamis:

  1. Oratory of Our Lady of Grace (pictured)
  2. Oratory of Our Lady of Fields, which is meant to be located on the D5 road, driving towards Sault (around 600m away from Méthamis).

Feel free to look at and enjoy the rest of the village before getting back to your car.

More info about Méthamis

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