Provence flower: Spring pea (or Spring vetchling)

Description of the Spring pea

  • Leaf:
    • Its apex (= the tip of it) is pointy.
    • Entire blade (= its outer edge is smooth)
  • Flowers:
    • It’s a mix of blue (turquoise) and purple flowers.
    • When they grow, the flowers are first purple, and then turn into (turquoise) blue.
    • The spring pea’s flowers look like little bells.
  • I found multiple spots of them in an (old) forest so it needs a bit of shade to grow (specially in Provence where it’s very sunny).

Scientific classification of the spring pea

  • DOMAIN: Biota
  • KINGDOM: Plantae
  • PHYLUM: Tracheophyta
  • CLASS: Equisetopsida
  • ORDER: Fabales
  • FAMILY: Fabaceae
  • GENUS: Lathyrus
  • SPECIES: Lathyrus vernus