Provence amphibian: the western spadefoot

Description of the western spadefoot

  • On most pictures taken of western spadefoots, the front of their body straightens slightly on their front legs.
  • The western spadefoot has vertical pupils.
  • The western spadefoot has protruding eyes.
  • Its length is around 10 cm.
  • It’s not a toad: it’s a big frog.
  • What’s outstanding in this frog, is that it has a horn-like growth on each of its feet. This helps him burrow into the sand. Hence its name: spadefoot.
  • It usually burries itself under the sand (or any soft ground) during the day, and comes out at night.
  • The (male) western spadefoot sounds a bit like a hen (it glucks).

Scientific classification of the western spadefoot

  • Domain: BIOTA
  • Kingdom: ANIMALIA
  • Phylum: CHORDATA
  • Class: AMPHIBIA
  • Order: ANURA
  • Genus: PELOBATES