Provence amphibian: the natterjack toad

Description of the natterjack toad

  • Toads are usually larger / bigger than frogs. This is the case of the natterjack toad.
  • There’s a long yellow line in the middle of its back (from head to back).
  • The natterjack toad has horizontal pupils.
  • Its iris is yellow / golden.
  • The natterjack toad walks to move around, and very rarely jumps (unlike frogs).
  • The natterjack toad‘s song sounds like a stick that you’d rub on a notched wooden instrument (like a Brazilian guiro instrument).

Scientific classification of the natterjack toad

  • Domain: BIOTA
  • Kingdom: ANIMALIA
  • Phylum: CHORDATA
  • Class: AMPHIBIA
  • Order: ANURA
  • Family: BUFONIDAE
  • Genus: EPIDALEA