Provence amphibian: the spiny toad

Description of the spiny toad

  • Toads are usually larger / bigger than frogs. This is the case of the spiny toad (which is our “local” common toad here, in Provence): it is stumpy.
  • The spiny toad has horizontal pupils.
  • Its iris is red.
  • The spiny toad walks to move around, and rarely jumps (unlike frogs).
  • The spiny toad can live up to 36 years.
  • Its length is around 13 cm (up to 18 cm)
  • Females are much bigger than males.
  • Males have horn-like growths on their front feet (below their fingers), which help them during axillary amplexus.
  • Spiny toads are able to walk long distances (compared to other toads).
  • Their tadpoles are better at surviving attacks from predators because of the toxicity of their skin.

Scientific classification of the spiny toad

  • Domain: BIOTA
  • Kingdom: ANIMALIA
  • Phylum: CHORDATA
  • Class: AMPHIBIA
  • Order: ANURA
  • Family: BUFONIDAE
  • Genus: BUFO
  • Species: BUFO SPINOSUS