French word gender

For this very first post, I thought I might talk about food (!), but also French words gender.

Masculine gender
An egg = « un œuf »
(there’s no “e” at the end of “un”)
Feminine gender
A tomato = « une tomate »
(there’s an « » at the end of the article “un”)

Aside from English, I learned German when I was at school. I enjoyed it. But one thing puzzled me: They have 3 genders (she, he and it) We have 2 genders in French (she and he) So I had to be extra-careful at the beginning and make sure I’d use the right gender for each word I’d learn from the start. And : repeat it. Over and over again, to memorize it the correct way.

I’d give you the same advice: When it comes to learning French, make sure you apply the right gender to every single new word to learn, and repeat it, over and over again, until you memorize it right.

Une tomate
Un oeuf

Une tomate
Un oeuf

We have a very telling French expression: “La répétition fixe la notion” which could be translated in “Repetition is the mother to all learning”.

Bon appétit !