Speak, speak, speak!

Joey practicing French…

You feel like your French needs some improvement? Has it gone rusty over the years? Well, what you need is SPEAK. Speak French whenever you get the chance. Speak French, even if you know you’re going to make LOADS(!) of mistakes. And enjoy it. Even laugh at yourself.

The emotions that you need to link to practicing French shouldn’t be fear of making (ignominious!) mistakes, but rather the joy of learning and getting better at it.

The no 1 reason why people stop practicing their language skills, you guessed it, is fear of making mistakes.

Yes: You’re going to make mistakes. So what? This isn’t your native language, so you aren’t expected to speak fluent French at once, each time you give it a shot.

You should consider it as an “added value“: Each and every single French word you manage to get right is a bonus!

The first French word I suggest you remember and start practicing is Joie 😊

(feminine word) :
la joie