French recipe: baked camembert

So you want to know how to cook a French recipe? Let’s start with a very simple one (if I can do it, ANYONE can too!)

Camembert fondu” (or “baked camembert”) is one of the most straightforward French recipes. Camembert is a soft cheese made from cow’s milk. It’s very popular to eat melted-cheese-dishes in winter (and particularly when you’re at a ski resort)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A camembert
  2. An oven (you could also use a hot plate)
  3. A baking dish

Servings: one or two people (depending on your addiction to cheese!)

Cooking time: around 15 minutes

  • Step 1: remove the wrapping (l’emballage) around your camembert, and lay it directly into the bottom part of its (wooden) box (la boite). Place it then on a baking dish (un plat de cuisson) (in case some cheese escapes from the lid (le couvercle).
    If your camembert doesn’t come in a box, you can place the camembert directly in that baking dish (make sure it’s deep enough though so that the cheese doesn’t overflow when it’s melted);
  • Step 2: place the dish in your oven (le four), turn it on (mild temperature) and let it heat up gently. You don’t want the process to be quicker (plus rapide) than 15 minutes: give it time to be fully melted (fondu) inside but not runny (liquide). Watch your camembert: it’ll slowly swell (gonfler).
  • Step 3: take it out of the oven when it looks like it’s going to explode(!) (exploser);
  • Step 4: using a knife (un couteau), draw a cross (une croix) sign on top of it (in order to “open” it);
  • Step 5: Open further more the top part of the camembert, and dip (trempez) in pieces of either bread (pain) or cooked potatoes.

How do you pronounce “un camembert“?

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