French Alphabet & pronunciation

Spelling in French

As a language instructor, I sometimes happen to ask students (even advanced ones!) to recite the entire alphabet. Many make pronunciation mistakes here and there. Who’s ever recite the entire alphabet since they last studied it at school (years, or decades ago !) anyaway?! So that makes sense to review it once in a while.

So, I think it’s a good idea for anyone who’s learning or revisiting their language skills, to start with the basics: the alphabet and its pronunciation.

All this sounds very (or too) simple to be of any use, but it’s actually a strong foundation to all the rest: spelling words with a correct pronunciation (to be fully understood), learning more vocabulary and being able to deliver them the right way…

Here’s a free module called “Alphabet & French pronunciation”, which should be used prior to any training in French. It’s available for online reading or download by clicking the following buttons. Feel free to listen to the sound files multiple times to get a full sense of their exact pronunciation.

Please note that the PDF file becomes interactive once it’s downloaded.